Stacey Toseland is a designer living, working, and playing in Philadelphia, PA.

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Stacey Toseland

Stacey Toseland has been called many things — from graphic designer, to web designer, user experience designer, and most recently, illustrator. Originally hailing from Upstate New York, she's secretly partial to her little corner of South Philly. Stacey is most happy when she’s learning new skills, using design to craft engaging, user-centered experiences, and working for social change with the Design Activist Institute.

Stacey received her BA in French and Fine Arts with a concentration in Communication Design from the University of Pennsylvania in 2011.

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“I believe that design is one of the forces that can build a better place for humans to inhabit and to leave when the time comes…Design is a way to enter the world. It's the interface between whatever idea you might have—scientific, technological, or even artistic—and real life.”

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